Investment Management

Investments receive a lot of attention in the media every day, and there is no shortage of free advice out there. But how do you know if you have the best investments for your situation? Are you taking more risk than is necessary? Are your returns optimized for the times when you will need to use funds? Without the right preparation, implementing an investment management strategy is like shooting an arrow without knowing where the target is.

At Wealthscape Advisors, investment management is grounded in each client’s unique situation. We will develop an investment policy with you based on your investment goals, appetite for risk, and time horizons. With this preparation in place, we develop and implement an investment plan targeting your particular situation.


Our investment philosophy is based on the fundamental concept of diversification to reduce unnecessary risk and to provide long term performance. Asset allocation is a key component of implementing diversification. We believe that the appropriate allocation of assets across diverse investment categories is the primary determinant of portfolio returns and critical in the long-term success of your financial objectives. We maintain your asset allocation by monitoring and rebalancing portfolios regularly.

We believe in the following principles when it comes to designing an investment portfolio, making specific recommendations, and managing assets for you:

  • The purpose of your investment portfolio is to fund current and/or future financial objectives.
  • The design of the portfolio must take into account your financial objectives, tolerance for risk, needs for current income or liquidity, and special considerations such as income and estate taxes. These factors are incorporated into an Investment Policy Statement upon which the portfolio design is based.
  • The appropriate allocation of investment assets for your goals and risk profile is the most important component in developing an investment portfolio.
  • It is important to remember that no one can consistently predict the future. Difference of opinion makes a market. Investment and economic “experts” provided with the same information often come to different conclusions. We do not suggest that we, or that any of the money or fund managers that we may recommend or use, will make the correct decision every time. We do believe, however, that studying the historic trends and relationships of investment classes, and the philosophies and approaches of successful investment managers, can provide valuable and sound insight.


We have multiple investment strategies available to better meet your particular financial situation and personal preferences. Our strategies are all based on strategic asset allocation with a low-cost, long term performance priority utilizing no-load funds.

Sustainable and Responsible Investing (SRI)
Our SRI strategy is appropriate if you would like to use your investment assets to encourage businesses to improve their practices on environmental, social and/or governance (ESG) issues. SRI, or more simply Responsible Investing, can be approached broadly or with specific goals in mind. We will work with you to determine your particular areas of concern and invest accordingly.