Our Approach

Wealthscape Advisors, LLC is an independent, fee-only California Registered Investment Advisor firm offering wealth advisory services. We specialize in integrated financial planning and investment management for individuals and families. Let us provide the advice and management you need so that you can concentrate on pursuing your interests and life goals.

We understand how important your money is to you. We will patiently work with you to understand your situation. We will always be objective and never judge you so you can feel comfortable providing us the detailed information we need to do our best work for you.

We believe that every person is unique, and that their unique wants, needs and experiences demand an individual, personalized approach to get the best results. Our advice will always be based on your particular situation which we have meticulously come to learn from meeting with you and analyzing the information you provide.

We maintain your confidentiality. You can be sure that the information you provide will be protected by our professional and personal ethics, as well as security practices which are based on our in-depth knowledge of information and network security.

We believe in providing 100% objective advice. As Fiduciaries for our clients, we always do what is in their best interests. Our clients understand the merits of this approach. Our independence enables us to objectively make recommendations that are right for you, with no organizational or compensation related pressures compromising our judgment. Our fee-only approach further enhances this independence as our only compensation for our work comes directly from you. You can be 100% sure that our advice and actions are truly objective and in your best interest.