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Additional Security Freeze Actions

Ted George posted this article on November 20th, 2017

My previous Blog post discussed actions to take to protect one’s finances and identity, which included placing a Credit/Security Freeze at the three main consumer credit agencies, Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion .

Besides these, there are a few additional actions you should take for these credit/security freezes to cover more bases and be more effective.

First off, please note this important clarification: If you are married or have a partner, credit/security freezes must be placed on both person’s records, as either of your identities could be stolen, placing you both at risk.

There are two other consumer reporting agencies where Security Freezes should be put in place to provide additional protection

  • Innovis is a fourth, lesser known agency, that provides credit reporting services similar to the main three agencies. Read their Security Freeze page and the click on Security Freeze Online to place your security freezes for free.
  • ChexSystems provides information to banks about your checking and savings accounts. To help prevent a criminal opening new accounts in your name, read their Security Freeze Information page, and click on the link on the bottom left to place your security freezes for free.

Last Word

It takes continued attention and diligence to protect your finances and identity online. Take these additional actions in addition to the ones discussed in my previous Blog post. And be sure to continue to pay attention to the changing recommendations and requirements to maintain good cybersecurity.