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Secure your Social Security Account Now!

Ted George posted this article on September 7th, 2017

The Social Security Administration recently updated their login procedure, making it more secure by adding 2 Factor Authentication (aka 2FA). A standard login would require your username and your private password, while 2 Factor Authentication requires an additional piece of information.

Many websites have previously included security questions and answers to add an additional authentication factor to their login. However, in most cases the password and those security questions could simply be updated from a single email address. That means that if your email account was hacked, a cybercriminal could change both your password and security questions, giving them full access to your account.

Newer, more secure methods have been put in place which require a second authentication factor. This involves you entering a one-time generated passcode as well as your password at each login. This passcode might be supplied to you by a mobile phone App, a fob, or sent by a text message which you receive after entering your password.

The Social Security Administration has now added the ability to provide your mobile phone number as the 2 Factor Authentication. At each subsequent login, they will text you a code which you then enter on the website to gain safer, more secure access to your account.

Last Word

If you already have a Social Security online account, login and add your mobile phone number. If you don’t already have an account, I urge you to create one. You can login or create an account at .

Do this as soon as possible to prevent a cybercriminal from hijacking your social security account and your benefits!